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“Your story doesn’t hard up,” criticizes fans of Lizzy Jay as she begs for assistance in relation to being blackmailed by her nu3de

Lizzy Jay has been confronted by her supporters over her claims that a Nigerian actress blackmailed her

Hours had passed while Lizzy Jay cried at being subjected to naughty blackmail

The actress said in a video posted on her Instagram page that she has been getting calls and texts for the past several days from someone who says they have her in her undies

She explained everything that happened and declared her intention to sue the blackmailer

Many of her admirers reacted by challenging her and pointing out the contradictions in her claims”

Your story does not harden up,” wrote Sannig Ibrahim. Why is it necessary for you to send your doctor your face and PR parts? Go tell the police what happened; a true doctor who respects his license won’t try to extort you

“So why do you feel the need to explain if you only sent it to your doctor?” asked Fawaz Dixe. Did you put your face in it?

There is no evidence, you go explain taya, one Ella Fabrics Place wrote. Because your explanation is somehow plausible, I hope you can solve it

The tale is not adding up, but sorry, one Ladex wrote

“E be like say all una dey ment for dis industry,” Gesa Seventeen wrote. Since the new format was introduced, I haven’t waited to watch for free

It’s well, one Okim Global World user wrote. But how does Snapchat function on two smartphones at once?

“You said you were even bleeding and in pain, yet you didn’t go to the hospital,” a Real Tosyn wrote. Your story is unclear, ooo

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