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“Your first fruit offering is for me and not Church” — Pastor tells members

John Anosike
  • A pastor has sparked controversy by claiming his church members’ first fruit offering belongs to him, not God.

Pastor John Anosike of South Africa has caused a stir online by telling his followers that their first fruit giving is for him, not God.

The preacher formed and serves as the leader of New World Faith Ministries, a South African organization located in Cape Town.

He was overheard telling his congregation of over 8,000 people that God owns their first fruit since it is God’s word to them.

They will receive lots of it when they accept his invitation to give him their first fruit of the year.

Pastor Anosike is adamant that it is more for his own gain than the good of the church, and he will not back down in the face of possible criticism.

But a lot of people on the internet disagree with his assertion and have quickly called out for it.

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