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WOW! With a complimentary visa, Mummy Zee offers a $15k scholarship for studying in Canada

The generosity that Mummy Zee has received continues, as Nigerians living overseas come together to provide her an incredible opportunity to pursue further education.
This particular case involves an invitation to study in Canada extended to Mummy Zee from Osun state by a reputable international educational organization, which is being facilitated by Travel Doctor.

This scholarship, which is estimated to be worth CAD 15K, demonstrates the group’s commitment to helping Mummy Zee pursue her international academic objectives.

The group acknowledged Mummy Zee’s wish to pursue her studies overseas and extended financial help along with a recommendation for three respectable Canadian universities. They also promised to help with the Canada Visa application process and waive the application price for whichever school she decides to enroll in. The details of this generous offer were shared in a tweet by @ChuksJaphet, quoting a tweet from Mummy Zee.

The group’s post stated:-

“We were told you would love to study abroad. I and @UnicollegeLink_ can offer you scholarship off your tuition to the following schools alongside free Admission and Canada Visa processing.

1. Niagara College Toronto: 6,000 CAD off 1 year program and 9,000 CAD off any 2 years program of your choice.

2. Fleming College Tor. 6,000 CAD off 1 year program and 9,000 CAD off any 2 years program of your choice.

3. Okanagan College/NorQuest College: 3,000 CAD off any program of your choice alongside an application fee waiver for either of the schools mentioned above.”

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