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With a new name, DICON reiterates its dedication to developing high-caliber leaders

The independent, non-profit, non-governmental Discipline and Intelligence Corps of Nigeria is pleased to announce today that it will start operations as Dimensional Ambassadors for Leadership and Community Support Network. The organization’s future goals and development are reflected in this rebranding strategy

Regarding the announcement, General Commander DCG AMB. Dicon Akintayo Oluwatobi of the Council of Dimensional Ambassadors for Leadership and Community Support Network said the following. “We still have the same officers, leadership, and organization, but we now go by a new name that better represents who we are and what we do. Dimensional Ambassadors for Leadership and Community Support Network’s objective has always been to raise community understanding of patriotism and to revitalize the nation’s pride

To give excellent leadership training that will instill a good conscience and to promote and raise awareness of community development initiatives through informative talks and conferences. We will be able to communicate who we are and what our goal is more clearly with this new moniker

“My leadership group and I felt that the time had come to rebrand our company to more accurately represent who we are. We’re thrilled with the new name because it more accurately conveys that we’re a humanitarian organization and that our goal is to support young people in having a significant influence on their communities! The scope of our work is shown on our newly designed website

We are excited to unveil our redesigned materials over the coming weeks, which will include our motto, flag, and emblem. We will also be updating our email addresses and corporate website to reflect our new name as an organization

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Any operations that are underway or that are planned won’t be impacted by this rebanding.

We will keep you informed when these branding changes are implemented, and our dedication to our partners and community never wavers

We are appreciative of your ongoing assistance

Unit of Public Relations

for: General Commander-in-Chief, DCG. Amb. Akintayo Oluwatobi

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