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Why I Used Hot Groundnut Oil to Bathe My Husband – Woman

Favour Nweke, a resident of Rivers State, has given an explanation for why she washed her husband, Ekelediri Nwokekoro, with hot groundnut oil in Okehi in the state’s Etche Local Government Area

This was said by the woman on Friday while she was being paraded before the media at a press conference held at the Moscow Road headquarters of the Rivers State Police Command in Port Harcourt

The housewife, who had fled her home on Tuesday after realizing the severity of the crime, was apparently discovered by a vigilante group on Thursday morning and taken to the police

Nweke, who was brought in by agents while being restrained, maintained her composure while denying the claim that she had an extramarital affair

He will leave at 2:00 a.m. and return in the early hours of the morning, she claimed. When he occasionally left and didn’t return for two or three days, I would ask him, “Where are you even going?”

“So when his friend called to ask if I heard what was on the ground, I responded, ‘What is that?'” He said that my spouse and a few other people had committed one criminal behavior. He claimed that after calling a person from Abuja and asking them to come work in Etche and offer them a contract, they then tricked the guy out of N20 million

“I said he didn’t tell me, that was the first time hearing this, and I said, ‘No wonder this guy has been acting unusual, plotting how to travel and go to one African country.’ This thus is the cause

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“When he returned, I grabbed him and told him what I had overheard; I then challenged him, but he resisted, and we argued. That day, it was over. I then inquired about what he did with his portion of the funds. What did you do with your own? I’ve heard that some people used their own to buy land

He hit me as we were discussing the matter that morning, and I quickly raced into the kitchen with the oil and doused him in it. That’s how it occurred

Nweke begged for pardon while denying the claim that she had extramarital encounters

“I regret it. I wouldn’t have done it to him if I had known that it would end up this way. I’ll just return home and stay there. I’m pleading with Nigerians to please pardon me

In a separate speech, Rivers State Commissioner of Police Emeka Nwonyi told the public that Nweke would be held accountable for her actions

“I can confirm that guy was detained and is now present with us. And the law will catch up with her and anybody else who tries to circumvent the law, Nwonyi warned. They will then be subject to the appropriate punishments

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