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Why he usually seem Depressed – Singer Omah Lay reveals

  • Stanley Omah Didia, Omah lay, a Nigerian singer and composer well-known for his contentious social media posts, has disclosed that coitus exercise with his therapist is the cause of his persistent depression. He confessed in July 2022 to having suicidal thoughts and deteriorating despair during the recording of his last album. Omah Lay posted on Twitter in January 2023, indicating his financial hardship and pleading for further funding.

Chronic depression is one of the reasons behind Stanley Omah Didia’s, the well-known Nigerian singer and composer better known by his stage name Omah Lay. Fans of Omah Lay, who gained popularity in 2020 with the hit song “Bad Influence,” claim that they have never seen him happy or smiling. In July 2022, Omah Lay, who is also the producer of the hit song “Soso,” disclosed to the public that he engages in coitus with his therapist, which exacerbates his melancholy. He also stated that he was suicidally depressed during the recording of his previous album, “Boy Alone.”

In an interview conducted in October 2023, Omah Lay sparked even more controversy when he declared that he didn’t believe in any religion and that he planned to convert to Islam eventually.In a statement posted to his verified page on X, formerly known as Twitter, on January 22, 2023, Omah Lay disclosed more information about his unhappiness. He said he didn’t have any money.

He begs God to grant him additional money, claiming that he is in dire need of it.

He wrote. “God! Please i need more money 🙏🏾.”

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See reactions below;

yallmeetbenny: God please give him more money and give me too 🙏🏼.

@heyFxmi: Nigga wetin you wan use more money do?

@goodluck999_ : This one Omah Lay dey beg God for money so, na means say e don red o 😭🤣.

@Onemanwifskillz: 1h Make more sad music fess.


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