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“What will you do if your wife cheats on you after you give her your kidney”- Tacha asks Nigerian men a crucial question

The Big Brother Naija star Tacha, actual name Natasha Akide, recently posed a hypothetical question to Nigerians on Twitter, focusing on the country’s male population.

Tacha was curious about what would happen if a man gave his wife a kidney transplant then two years later she cheated on him, filed for divorce, and declared she didn’t want to see him. She went on to say that the man had no right to get his kidney returned.

In her words, Tacha questioned, “Imagine you donate your kidney to your wife, she starts cheating on you, two years later she files for a divorce and wants nothing to do with you. What is your next move? P.S. She can’t give you back your kidney.”


“Can’t lie, It’s sugar daddy o” – Tacha claims as she buys new Range Rover weeks after her Benz got bashed

Natacha Akide, also referred to as Tacha, is a well-known media personality who was sent from Big Brother Naija. She has taken to social media to flaunt her new Range Rover.

Tacha, who shared a video of herself, declared that she would never lie and that she would freely admit that her sugar daddies helped her pay for her car.

Tacha repeatedly claimed that she got another expensive car since all of the companies she represents are her sugar daddy. She continued by claiming that the incredible 100 million naira (N100M) is the value of her new automobile.

Tacha ridiculed her critics for obtaining a new vehicle without having to sell her Mercedes while sharing a video of her Range Rover.

The contentious reality TV star uploaded a video of her Mercedes parked close to the Range as evidence.

The actress received a lot of congratulations, with many applauding her diligent work. Check out the video below:

Remember Tacha bragged about how hard she has to work to support herself.

She made a subtle jab at her colleagues by mentioning that she has no male support.

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