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What Mohbad underwent, they have been doing to me.Rita Edochie and Other Celebrities Criticized by Yul Edochie for Their Hypocrisy

Yul Edochie, an actor in Nollywood, is angry with everyone, even his peers who have openly demanded justice in the case of the late singer Mohbad

The actor noted the irony of the fact that the same people who were now calling for justice for Mohbad were the ones who had harassed him for more than a year because of his decision to wed another woman in a lengthy social media post

Despite being aware of the factors that led to his decision, he faced taunts and persistent bullying for more than a year because of it

Why didn’t these people who are now fighting for justice support Mohbad’s cause when he was still alive as opposed to utilizing his name to increase their online visibility? Yul questioned

The actor wasn’t shy about criticizing his aunt Rita Edochie for using the actor’s marital problems and support for his first wife, May, to get online publicity rather than getting in touch with him directly

Yul criticized his coworkers, pointing out that none of them had stood up for him in the face of the ongoing harassment, obscenities, and insults he had to put up with for more than a year

In sections, he wrote:

“All of you why day posy justice for Mohbad, plus the Nollywood people way join day shout am, you’re not any different from the individuals who were mistreating Mohbad,” the speaker said

You’re all Demonds and evil individuals who are only after influence. You are all the same people who have been calling me names for more than a year, harassing me online, and attempting to kill me for reasons that are of no significance at all

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Because I made a personal choice for my life that has nothing to do with you. How many of you actively supported Mohbad during his lifetime? You are using him to drive visitors to your page now that he is deceased. useless individuals. Bloggers have been spreading all kinds of misinformation about me for more than a year

They have been using the internet to harm me for more than a year in a similar way to how they treated Mohbad. How many Nollywood actors have publicly declared enough is enough? You’re all simply waiting for me to pass away so you can share my image and blather about “justice for…”

Na tunder go una fire. My son passed on. Demands are made for me to kill my son in the midst of the excruciating suffering. How many people actually show up to fight for justice? Even my own aunt didn’t call me for a day to find out what occurred; instead, she used me to drive traffic to her website

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