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We Don’t Want To Work With Wike Because He Has To Take ‘Ogogoro’ Every Morning Before He Goes To Work – Miyetti Allah

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore responded to Nyesom Wike’s warning over the movement of cows in the Nigerian capital

Where is the grazing pasture in Abuja? asked Saleh Alhassan Kubah, the organization’s national secretary. Will they graze within the structure? The problem is that Wike is not important. Ortom has come and gone from our view

We don’t want to include Wike since he must drink ‘Ogogoro’ (an alcoholic beverage) every morning before going to work

You’ve never heard of it? He did indeed say it. In the FCT, let him perform his services. We are anticipating his future acts of kindness. You are aware that he represents our party, thus I am unable to criticize him

Our minister, he is. So I’m not interested in arguing with our minister. It doesn’t matter because Abuja lacks a grazing area

He’ll find a way for them because all of the livestock you see there belong to the local aristocracy. Wike doesn’t call for our comments. Let him handle the large abandoned structures

“Let him collect taxes from all those vacant homes. Allow him to expand the city. Let him look after the Gwari people, an underserved group of indigenous people

He is an Ikwerre from Port Harcourt. He is aware of their habits in Port Harcourt. He will know how to handle them if the Gwari people show him 10% of how Ikwerre people act in Port Harcourt. Let him create satellite towns and rural areas, and provide them with amenities. Power is ephemeral

Whatever happens, he’s going to go shortly. We can’t talk to him. From us, he cannot obtain fresh knowledge. He is a people pleaser. Does the area around the Villa have any grazing land?

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Alternatively, is it the sight of cows that people dislike? Are cows not the natural beauty of the North? Is it not contradictory that you want to eat cows but not see them?

You will witness a crisis brought on by the spirits of the land if there are no cows in the northern geography. Because the cows must migrate for the spirits to be content, the land won’t be steady. It is their surroundings

He is unable to drive the cows away. Who is going to drive the cows out of the northern region? No one can follow them. We are not progressing

Why is giving them more time when he can revoke the lands in the FCT? I anticipated that he would immediately revoke them

“Neither the FCT nor the AMAC area council have any grazing areas in the Abuja development plan…

“Let him take care of the security issues in Abuja. He will never have us as an issue

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