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Video of 3 teenagers in a car confirming Mohbad’s murder and saying “the guy on dread was not even bothered” raises questions

In an effort to bring Mohbad’s killing to light for Nigerians, netizens have discovered a video showing three boys inside a car confirming it

The killing of Mohbad has been brought to Nigerians’ attention thanks to a video that shows three lads in a car and confirms it, which was found by internet users

Inside the car, a well-known friend presented Mohbad’s dead body and announced Mohbad’s passing

Following the exhumation of Mohbad’s bones for autopsy by the Lagos State police as part of the thorough investigation promised to Nigerians, some developments have taken place

On Tuesday, September 12, police arrested the nurse who is suspected of giving the deceased musician an injection just before he passed away

The majority of Nigerians, however, think that the three guys in the latest video, who carried , know things that the majority of us do not

They were accused of being too laid back, laughing, and other things by many Nigerians

On the X platform, @atoyebi_omotayo asked, “Who are these three boys carrying and confirming Mohbad’s de@d body?” The position of the nurse. Once more, these three children are smarter than the rest of us. “These three boys have more knowledge”

See the responses below;

@nastyjeff545: Is it only I who notice it? The third man seemed unconcerned

c@RiCC0_BaNkz: The three guys are suspect; I don’t trust them

@Emini_Earlybird: They must track down those men since they are the dispatcher and should be questioned

@idrisalabi: They must hold these guys tight after seeing the pals so relaxed and the guy talking while smoking in the woods

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@RiCC0_BaNkz: The man in the dreads didn’t seem to care…

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