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Tragic Electrocution of a Father, Mother, and Children in Taraba

On Monday, October 2, a family of five in Taraba Statefamily of five in Taraba State lost four members to an electrocution in the Dinyavo neighborhood of Jalingo, the state’s capital

The electrocution happened when the father, mother, and two kids were inside their house

The community’s residents said they believe a high voltage feed from the national grid caused the incident, which resulted in the electrocution

The transformer broke this morning,” the witness said. Smoke followed everyone out the door as they ran. Everyone began shrieking a little while later, and before we knew it, many houses were covered in smoke. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to free them since they had locked themselves inside. However, after we were able to get through the door, we discovered that they had already been electrocuted and that their neighbors had also been shocked by the power supply, so we hurried them to the hospital, according to an eyewitness

The deceased’s bodies have been placed in a morgue

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