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“This matter goes long oh,” the OGB recently shared a new image showing Mohbad’s body’s enormous scar

Rumors of a suspected shooting incident start to spread as a photo of the deceased musician Mohbad appears, showing a significant injury on the side of his stomach

As part of the ongoing fight for justice on behalf of the former Marlian Music signee, new revelations and previously unreported material are frequently made public

In the most recent update, popular skit creator OGB Recent posted a picture of Mohbad with a massive scar on the side of the late singer’s stomach on his Instagram story

Even though the scar had completely healed, many people assumed they had been shot because of how large the wound appeared to be

In a different piece, OGB Recent noted how there are more details surrounding the late singer’s passing than are generally known

The issue is lengthy. The major issue passed us. But I’m still thinking about Mohbad every second, therefore #justiceformohbad,” he added

answering the post;

We need to understand that everything that happened to Mobhad was a very clean set up and that the only way to get justice is by actually getting enough lawyers to look into this matter, according to classified_thrift. I’m 100% certain that Mobhad father was paid a significant sum to bury him too soon because if they had done an autopsy OMO matter for a long time

joedreamchaser: Does the Naira do this one too, Abi? I continue to use them Despite their disagreement, Naira didn’t murder him. Ask those who were nearby when he passed away: none of them, please. Is speaking anything, the only person who spoke stopped short and put an end to his life. Make the men question him first

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Muller: I believe that they may have opted to k!!ll the youngster in order to silence him since he may have known a secret they don’t want to share

dj_shay_man: However, NDLEA also has something to say about this; according to FELA, NDLEA injected him while he was in their custody, and a few months later, he passed away. Baba Suwe experienced the same situation and said the same thing. What’s actually happening in NDLEA custody, according to MOHBAD, who said that they gave him something to drink and that he later passed away as well?Additionally, the fact that they are using NAIRA MARLEY as their ambassador makes it impossible for them to deny having meetings with the NDLEA in the future. I only utter my own shaa

lavida__loca09: Why are you all putting garbage on this site now that he has passed away? Stop with the allegations and start talking about what happened to him. Everyone wants to be noticed as a result of his passing. as in wtf

Joining Zeh Nation is preferable than this Marlians record label, according to __aayomiposi

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