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The nurse who cared for Mohbad disclosed the reason for his passing (Video)

An eyewitness described how singer Mohbad died at the hands of death in a video that has been making the rounds on Instagram

The eyewitness, a nurse, said in the video that Mohbad passed away as a result of the charm that was applied to him

The nurse went on to say that she and her coworkers were there at the hospital when Mohbad was brought in on an ambulance and stated that the singer was shivering

When Mohbad later passed away, they didn’t realize that juju (charm) had been performed on him since, according to the nurse, they initially believed he had malaria and began administering him injections among other treatments

The eyewitness, who identified himself as a close friend of the late artist, revealed that Mohbad was being used as a peacemaker when the juju was used against him

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