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The Desire of 85% of women is to End their marriages – Jaiye Kuti

Jaiye Kuti

Renowned Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti discussed how most women would eventually desire a divorce and the difficulties that many endure in their relationships.
In a recent interview, the actress acknowledged that the primary cause of most couples’ marital difficulties is cultural differences.

Jaiye Kuti asserted that a couple gets to know one another better after marriage than they did during their courtship to support her point. She emphasized that many women could find these elements difficult.

Jaiye gave an example of herself, stating that she had made three attempts to escape her marriage but ultimately chose to stay in it.

She went on to remark that males, however, give the impression that ending a marriage is simple because of their self-serving urge to cheat.

In her words;

“If you ask hundred women, 85% wants to exit their marriage. I even tried to leave like thrice. The issue is when you marry someone from a different tradition and when a man wants to get married, he would treat and pamper a woman well but the second marriage and children are involved, everyone will start to show their true colours. Also, men can be egocentric in nature; and also can’t be stopped from cheating.”

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