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The “Cook-a-thon” category is deactivated by GWR when a Ghanaian chef fakes credentials


Smith, a chef from Ghana, forged the certificate, leading  Guinness World Records to disable its “cook-a-thon” category.

This choice is in line with the company policy of getting rid of records that aren’t sufficiently measured or verified.

Ebenezer Smith, a chef from Ghana, made headlines when he falsely claimed to have broken the record for the longest cooking marathon. This led to the ruling.

Chef Smith’s claim has been denied by Guinness World Records, which asserts that his certificate is fake and he does not actually hold the title.

The organization states that Alan Fisher of Ireland holds the record at this time. He set the record in Japan in 2023 with a time of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds.

After his controversial press conference, in which he was questioned by security personnel about a quarrel over a breach of contract, Chef Smith was hit with legal repercussions.

The revelation about the deactivation of the category was made known by a media user who posted a photo, stating that: “Guinness World Records deactivates its “cookathon” category after it seems to have inspired an unstoppable frenzy in certain parts of the world. In Ghana, one contender, displaying a certificate as the new record holder, claims to have cooked for more than 30 days.”



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