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Tension after Okada Riders kill a police officer

Festus Onori, a Nigerian police inspector, was killed by Okada riders in Delta State while his wife and three children looked on

Austin Onori, the elder brother of the deceased, described the tragic incident, saying that Inspector Onori was on his way to church with his wife and three children when a commercial motorcycle rider, who was reportedly of Hausa/Fulani descent, struck his vehicle from behind in Okpanam. He continued by saying that after the minor accident, his brother drove a distance of about one pole to park properly and came down to make sure the Okada man and his passenger were unharmed only for more than 20 men to

He claimed that “as he drove off fearing for his life,” Hausa Okada riders chased after him, and as they did so, their numbers grew. When he reached Marble Hill (Okpanam), he took a detour down that route to escape, hoping that his pursuers would become frustrated and flee. When the fuel in his car ran out on the Ogwashi Uku Community, they continued to follow him there, even turning to face Kwale

His pursuers were over 200 at the time. Then, in front of his wife and three kids, they lynched him to death. They also wrecked his car. According to the wife’s account, a bystander took Inspector Onori to the Ogwashi Uku police station before his demise was officially declared

“As we speak, his body is in the morgue,” he continued

Inspector Onori, 45, was an inspector at the Marine Police Station (Cable Point Asaba), according to Austin Onori, who also noted that the Okada rider and his passenger who struck the inspector’s car in the previous collision that killed the policeman weren’t even hurt

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He claims that when police questioned a witness, the witness stated that the Okada rider struck Inspector Onori’s vehicle from behind, but added that no one was killed or seriously hurt

The Delta State Police Command’s DSP Bright EEdafe Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) responded to a request for comment by saying that the investigation was ongoing with the goal of getting the Okada rider and other suspects arrested

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