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“Should I stick with her or move on?” – Finally speaking, the boyfriend of the woman Omah Lay rocked on stage

Omah Lay

The girl who was blown away by musician Omah Lay live in London, UK, has opened up about her relationship with him.

Recently, a video appeared on social media that appeared to depict the man’s displeasure after Omah Lay staged a private moment with his girlfriend.

Omah Lay elevates his stage act in a video that’s going viral on social media by bending the female, getting close to her, rocking her, locking lips, and even giving her a backshot.

On his way home from the event, the partner in the video could be seen shaking his head and expressing his dissatisfaction.

Online users responded to the video with a range of emotions. Reality TV star Vee, for example, said that the guy ought to have quit the show as soon as his fiancée left him for Omah Lay.

The boyfriend asks for advice on whether to walk on or stay with his girlfriend in a recent video.

In his words; “Please Advice me, I took my Girl to Omah Lay’s Concert and she went On stage completely disregarded my presence and started dancing Seductively with Omah Lay, I am here thinking if I should stick with her or just move on with my life I want you guys to let me know, what do you think I should do?”

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

chichi1beke: Forgive and forget. It was the devil. Just keep praying for her and supporting her. Be a good boyfriend. If you leave, how are you sure that the next girl wouldn’t do worse? Women are polygamous by nature.

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victor_alfred11: After she disgraced you , you’re still looking for advice ??

ble_ssing_sunday: Forgive her bro till she embarrasses you for the 100th times.

iamnasboi: If I were you, I will move on. Your girl doesn’t respect you, she doesn’t even care about your feelings. Find yourself a better girl.

tufab: Bring her to me. Let me talk to her in private. I’m a relationship counsellor. I’m sure she will change 😍😍.

d_realsolz: Keep her, and knack her on a steady till you find the right girl for you. You cannot afford to lose in 2 places. Do this and thank me later. 😂.

jamalmorgan_’: Show her more love ,make her trust you ,do introduction,fix wedding date,don’t appear on wedding ,she disgraced you publicly,you disgrace her publicly too..shalom.

omalichawa__: Forgive her and engage her then on the wedding day don’t show up.

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