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Segun Wealth, the spouse of Toyin Lawani, has added “Release Private Videos” to his to-do list ahead of his birthday

According to 234JAMZ MEDIA, Segun Wealth, the spouse of Toyin Lawani, a celebrity stylist, has pledged to celebrate his birthday by releasing his personal films

A “to-do list” of things he wants to get done has been made by the famous photographer in front of his birthday on November 11

Segun made light of the idea of posting his personal images and movies online among his lists

He went on to say that he would visit the internet to give people advice and to weep at how evil and unrepentant people are

“Accidentally release my sex tape (performance needs to be amazing),” says the Segun list

Come online and weep, accusing someone of doing it (the weeping has to be intense and continuous)

“Join us online to discuss what transpired

“Go online and give folks advice

Unintentionally expose my bare areas (clean shaven, oiled skin)

Return to the internet and lament that people are evil and unrepentant

“Make another sex tape available with a strong performance. Should have achieved superstar status by now and continued living a fictitious lifestyle until succeeding (nice work)

In response to his list, Toyin Lawani wrote: “At last, I acknowledge that you are insane.” You left out the part about dragging me. You’re not ready to make your birthday a trend, but please remember to always include it in your photos and music

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