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Samuel Folabi: Biography


Samuel Folabi, better known by his stage name Donsam, was born in Nigeria on June 19, 1983. He is a gospel performer, songwriter, musician, worship leader, and record producer. He is a very gifted singer who got his start at an early age and has put out a number of songs, including Sweet my Belle and Be Like You.

Early Life

Donsam, also known as Samuel Folabi, was born on June 19, 1983. He is the team leader of WEALTH EMPIRE MUSIC and TMP (The Meeting Place), and he is a native of Kogi State in Nigeria.

Samuel Folabi’s music has quickly become well-known, with songs like “This Kind God Another One No Dey” rising to the top of the praise and worship charts both in Nigeria and beyond.


When Samuel Folabi was a little boy at church, his Sunday school instructor guided him and helped him develop his musical talent. His love for music began at a young age, and he developed his skills by becoming proficient on a variety of instruments, including the piano and the drums. However, he began performing professionally in music in 1997, and since then, he has won countless major honors from national and international bodies.

Samuel Folabi is an accomplished percussionist and keyboard player who has contributed his musical talent to a number of concerts and group projects. He has enjoyed the privilege of performing on stages alongside numerous foreign acts. He has collaborated with renowned Nigerian gospel musicians on production and performance. He has traveled over Nigeria performing and has made an impression on audiences everywhere.

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Samuel Folabi’s wide skill set and love for creativity are demonstrated by his work as a computer engineer, graphic artist, and business data analyst in addition to his music career.


Winner — “Best New Artist” award at the MSM African Music Awards (2016)

Music Style

Samuel’s music combines elements of soul, R&B, Ballard, and Afrobeat to produce a distinctive and alluring sound that appeals to listeners from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. All who witness his concerts are left with a lasting impression by his moving melodies and contagious rhythms.


  1. Facedown” (2015)
  2. Sweet my belle (2017)
  3. The African Christmas Experience (2018)
  4. This Kind God (2019)
  5. Jehover OverDo (2021)
  6. This Kind God Remix (2022)
  7. Atewo (2022)
  8. Ah ya ya (2023)
  9. Shammah Spontaneous Worship (2023)
  10. Be like you (2023)
  11. Ebenezer (2023)

Social Media & Music

By following him on all social media platforms under the handle @samuelfolabi, you may stay up to speed with the newest music and news from Samuel Folabi (Donsam). His music is widely accessible to his expanding worldwide audience because it is available on all major digital platforms.

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