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Revealed heated exchange between late Mohbad’s wife and herself: “If I die, you killed me”

The resurfacing of an alleged audio recording of a heated argument between the late young artist Mohbad and his wife Omowunmi

After the untimely passing of the gifted artist, a number of hypotheses around his passing have surfaced

Naira Marley, the former head of his label, has been charged with murdering the musician

A video of Mohbad and his wife, with whom he had been in a relationship for more than ten years, appears on the internet as many people look into the circumstances surrounding his passing

In the audio clip, Mohbad accused his wife of planning to harm him and threatened to hold her accountable if anything happened to him

He reprimanded her for using his WhatsApp device to pretend to be ill in order to get information, which he suspected she intended to use against him after he passed away

The former Marlian artist recalled a situation in which his wife insisted that he wear something that he did not want to wear, which he saw as an attempt on his life

He stressed that she had not treated him with respect and had instead turned to using abusive language towards him, and he made a pledge that his family would take action against her

His words are;

“If I die right now, you killed me.”My life is in trouble.I’ll admit it now: My life is messed up.Because of the NDLEA ShiiI have poor health.My stomach is folded up, and I constantly whine and threaten to tell everyone about it

When you stopped sensing me, you need to leave me alone.What made you screw myYou’re currently acting as though you’ll only pay for this if there is no God

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You’re being shrewd, and I’m embarrassed! Why did you stay in my life for eight years despite your claim that you never loved me?

Do not reply to me with “000,” please

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