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Popular Nigerian comedian Kenny Blaq got married to his sweetheart

The well-known Nigerian comedian Otolorin Kehinde Peter, also known as Kenny Blaq, chose a more understated approach, revealing his newlywed partner, Stephanie, with an aura of understated sophistication. Many Nigerian celebrities opt for extravagant, headline-grabbing weddings, including opulent destination celebrations.

The comic genius graced the stage with a stunning portrait of himself wearing a smart white suit with eye-catching black stripes and sleek black pants. Their eyes were locked in a seductive expression of love as he held onto his adoring wife’s gentle fingertips.

His beautiful wife was holding a bouquet of priceless flowers while looking great in a wedding gown. Her bright smile caught the attention of the photographer.

Kenny Blaq gently expressed his gratitude by tagging each and every person who contributed significantly to weaving the beautiful tapestry of his wedding’s unqualified success in his caption.

A few months ago, the comedian made news for his performance at a hotel that he went to with a buddy on the day of President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration.

He decided to stay at the hotel, but when he entered the lobby, he noticed that Muhammadu Buhari’s picture was still hanging on the wall.

On May 29th, Tinubu took the oath of office as president of Nigeria.

Kenny reconsidered renting a room at the hotel after noticing that the photo frame still featured Buhari rather than Tinubu.

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