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PHOTOS: After being late for Sunday church service, the pastor severely spanked a female student

A resident pastor and teacher at St. Peter’s Combined Christian School in Mohlaletsi hamlet, Sekhukhune District, Limpopo, South Africa, brutalized a female student

On November 12, 2023, the resident pastor, Diketso Matibidi, is accused of flogging the Grade 12 student for being late to the Sunday church session

Due to the assault, the pastor is currently on suspension

In front of the entire congregation, Diketso reportedly called out the student before allegedly beating her with a sjambok, a kind of whip that is frequently used in South Africa

The event has infuriated the student’s parents, who claim their terrified daughter is now unable to concentrate on her schoolwork

They have also berated the school for not responding to the issue and claiming that Diketso has not been disciplined

At first, the school denied that the incident had happened, saying the student’s claims lacked substantiation

Other classmates, however, stepped forward to support the student’s account by claiming to have seen the beating

Parents and community members are furious over the incident and have demanded that Diketso be expelled from the school and that the institution discipline him

They also insisted that the victim of the beating receive help and counseling from the institution

The school announced to the public on Tuesday, November 14, that it has scheduled a disciplinary hearing for the teacher

“A disciplinary hearing against the pastor is currently underway, and the parent of the student involved in the assault has been contacted,” the statement said

The school went on, “The incident has been reported to the Police, and the student will also undergo a medical assessment”

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“We would like to convey our profound disapproval of Mr. Matibidi’s actions, and we will handle it with the appropriate gravity”

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