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Oyo State Soludero Hunters Request Assistance From Government To Address Security Issues

The governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, has been urged by the Oyo State Chapter of the Soludero Hunters Association to provide the group with the utmost assistance in addressing the state’s security issues

It wasn’t too long ago that a suspected Fulani herdsman caused numerous fatalities in the Iwere-Ile town of Iwajowa Local Government area of Oyo State. The tragedy left records of victims and affected state security as a whole

The Soludero group applauded the state’s governor for his historic accomplishments in every field and urged him to step up efforts to establish the state as a leader in innovation

Maximum protection for Oyo State residents was pledged by Dr. Nureni Ajjijolanabi, President General of the Soludero Hunters Association, during his assurance-giving to the state administration

“Seeing our people slain, farmlands damaged, and our people unable to sleep or move freely without fear of herders, we can no longer stand it. Sincere herdsmen who do not murder or jeopardize the lives of our people are not a concern for us However, anyone wishing to harm our people will be taken into custody. For that, we are prepared. Although we don’t want to enforce the law ourselves, we will turn criminals over to the authorities. If the government can take some necessary action, armed robberies and banditry will be reduced. We want the current administration to provide us with the necessities

Elusade Olanrewaju Larma, the governor of Oyo State’s Soludero Hunters Association, also made a plea to the state government to assist security groups operating there in order to maintain the highest level of security

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“We only require the utmost assistance from the government to conduct successful security operations. Because of the lack of equipment and supplies, we lost one of our soldiers in the most recent raid in Iwere Ile

“Our security team has always collaborated with other state agencies to maintain a tranquil environment in the state. We require patrol cars, ammunition, and other measures of government empowerment for operations to go well. That will strengthen our members’ dedication and the state’s security framework

The group continued, “We therefore implore the government to provide Soludero Hunters Association with the greatest possible assistance to address the security challenges”

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