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Opay addresses alleged fraudulent money withdrawals from customers’ accounts in a viral video

On Sunday, a video of some people complaining about fraudulent withdrawalsfraudulent withdrawals leaked online, sending some OPay customers into a panic

In the video, some OPay representatives attack the business’ Alender House office in Ikeja’s Alausa neighborhood to protest what they claimed was an improper withdrawal from their accounts

They claimed that despite complaining to the firm about repeated fraudulent withdrawals from their accounts, nothing was being done

In order to aid them in regaining their stolen funds, they added that they had reported the incident to the police

“Extremely large quantities of money were dishonestly removed from our accounts. According to a leader of the agents who talked on camera, “balances of our accounts were withdrawn, some were transferred to other banks, some were used to buy airtime, and some were transferred to separate OPay accounts with which we have no connections

Many people were alarmed by the video and worried about the security of their money in the online bank. But a closer look at the video reveals that it originally appeared online in August 2021, indicating that the incident was not recent

On Sunday, OPay responded to the video by claiming it was an outdated one

retreat in fear

For some clients, however, whose money had been completely withdrawn from the fintech account out of panic to prevent becoming a victim, the company’s clarification was too late

In response to the company’s explanation of the video, an OPay user named Olanrewaju Abdulyekeen said;

“Thank God I was able to move my money out of your account. I have recently been the victim of numerous frauds. The key is communication. When you are experiencing problems or a crisis, how to communicate with your customers

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A screenshot of another bank customer’s OPay account, which showed a balance of N1.48, was released online. “I have withdrawn all of my money,” he declared

OPay’s response

OPay issued a statement on Sunday assuring clients that the site is safe and their money is secure

“A particular old video that recently reappeared on several social media sites about alleged fraudulent actions on some OPay Agent accounts has caught our attention

“We would want to clarify that the allegations are old and that they were settled in consultation with all necessary parties. We kindly request that the public and our clients disregard the video and its contents. As client data protection is our top priority, we are still devoted to safeguarding our users from any fraudulent behavior or hoax

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