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OMG!!!! Wizkid slaps an overly enthusiastic fan while Davido intervenes.

Singers Davido and Wizkid created a commotion at DJ Skyla Tyla’s beach party in Lagos during a combined performance by show-casing $1 notes.

However, during the hangout, Wizkid struck a fan on impulse, which resulted in an unforeseen incident.

Davido quickly stepped in and restrained Wizkid, stopping the situation from getting worse.

Online reactions to the incident were mixed, with some critics and fans considering the drama to be both expected and humorous.

Regarding the fan’s behavior, rumors circulated; some suggested it was an attempt at stealing, while others said the fan was impolite and unduly excited when giving Wizkid money.

Internet users thought the situation was interesting, pointing out that Davido intervened and mediatized after the Starboy crooner appeared to be provoked by the brazen behavior.

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