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Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko holds back celebrating his 70th birthday due to hardships in Nigeria

Jide Kosoko

Due to the hardships in Nigeria, veteran actor Jide Kosoko has decided to postpone celebrating his 70th birthday.
On January 12, 2024, Mr. Kosoko turned 70 years old.

The actor praised his colleagues in an Instagram post on Sunday for coming up with the idea to celebrate his 70th birthday and achievements to the film business. However, he also mentioned that he had discussed with them the notion to postpone the celebration due to the current state of affairs in the nation.

He said:-

“I want to use this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation to my colleagues who came up with the idea of celebrating me for my contributions to industry growth and development our industry while I am still alive and kicking. This also falls within the year of my 70th birthday.

“It is my sincere prayer that they will all remain relevant in all areas of human endeavors they find themselves in.

“I have discussed with them, and they reasoned, that the celebration should be put on hold, basically because of the current situation in the country and what the people are going through.

“I am very sure that very soon, the challenges facing the country will be over and we will all be happy for it.

“I am putting it on hold because of the masses, of which I am part.”

“Thank you all for your understanding!” he added.

Similar to this, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, a well-known artist from Fuji who goes by the stage name KWAM 1 or K1 De Ultimate, canceled his 67th birthday party on Friday due to the status of the country.
This was disclosed in a news release that President Bola Tinubu’s well-known ally Wasiu Ayinde released last Thursday.

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The seasoned performer stated he would rather his fans donate to charities than join him in celebrating his birthday.

Barely a month had passed since the singer sobbed during a public concert, lamenting how Tinubu’s performance had so far let Nigerians down.

His statement read:

“To the glory of God Almighty, I shall be turning 67 years on this planet earth on 3rd of March 2024.

“A joyous day for me, that many of my friends and associates across the globe usually join with me and my family to celebrate.

“My fans, both home and abroad, always make the best out of that day in history.

Now that the day is near and inside of me, there is nothing much happening in our country Nigeria to warrant me celebrating at this point.

“Many people are praying for survival at this point; to feed well is a big issue for many and, as someone that benefits from many of these people crying and lamenting, I share in their pains and see no reason I should be celebrating.

“Yes, I agree what our country is going through now is not permanent and the government is trying in every possible way to get things fixed I believe God Almighty shall open ways and better direction for the leadership of our dear country.

“I, hereby, implore and request all my loved ones, instead of coming to celebrate, eat, and drink at this time, please choose this my coming birthday celebration to help someone nearer to you.”

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