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NLC declares a nationwide indefinite strike and claims the FG failed to meet its demands

According to 234JAMZ MEDIA, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has declared an indefinite nationwide strike in response to the government’s reluctance to meet its demands

The NLC’s Director of Information and Public Affairs, Benson Upah, made the official announcement of the strike on Friday

The Federal Government’s inability to meet the unions’ requests within the 14-day window that ended today, according to the union, is what prompted the decision to call off the two-day strike, according to the union

None of their requests have been met, according to Upah, who told the Whistler that the strike “can begin at any time now”

The FG hasn’t offered anything, according to Upah, and none of the resolutions that were signed by both parties have generated consensus. Government preparation is lacking

“The National Executive Council’s (NEC) communiqué is unequivocal about the deadline for the ultimatum but vague regarding the start date of the strike. After the ultimatum expires, it can begin a few minutes, an hour, or three days later

“The NEC communiqué gave us a window during which we should mobilize our efforts

“This is the first government to eliminate fuel subsidies, and it is unsure of what to do”He noted that, in contrast to the two-day warning strike, where compliance was not rigorously monitored, it will be difficult to disobey this time

“Do you know of any good general who revealed his plans in the public before he strikes?” Upah asked when asked about the steps that would be taken to ensure tight compliance. We are ready to launch an assault

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The union also exhorted the youths to take part, saying once more that they are the true owners of the country and should reclaim it by rising up

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