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NEWS FLASH: Labour Party supports proposed strike by NLC and TUC

The Labour Party’s leadership backed the planned strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress on Wednesday, claiming that the president has shown insensitivity to the condition of Nigerian workers

The development follows organized Labour’s decision to halt operations across the country beginning on October 3 as a result of the government’s failure to effectively execute measures to allay the suffering of the common people after the elimination of gasoline subsidies

NLC National President Joe Ajaero expressed regret that none of the demands made by the Federal Government were met after the NLC’s 21-day deadline expired last week

The NLC and the TUC are requesting, among other things, salary increases, the introduction of palliatives, tax breaks and allowances for public sector employees, and a review of the minimum wage

Obiora Ifoh, the LP’s national publicity secretary, lamented that Nigerian workers hadn’t demonstrated enough tolerance and understanding in response to the planned strike in a statement headed “Workers strike: Labour Party identifies with Nigerian workers” on Wednesday

Ifoh cautioned that the leadership of the LP will back any legitimate methods to demand improved working conditions for Nigerian workers while urging party supporters to stock up on food

Various meetings between Organized Labor and various government bodies, including the president of the Senate, the presidency, and the labor ministers, as well as all efforts made by the labor leadership to get the government to understand the magnitude of sufferings its policies have thrown Nigerian workers into since the enthronement of this administration, have been closely watched, he said

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The government’s apparent indifference, insensitivity, intransigence, and obstinate stance toward the legitimate demands of the labor organizations “does not surprise us in the least because their grab of power was not approved by both the workers and the majority of Nigerians, therefore we are not surprised at all

“Nigerians went to the polls certain of the kind of government they desired, but this was suppressed by institutional conspiracies. Nigerian workers are currently being penalized for voting their conscience in the February 25 Presidential Election. The Labour Party is also aware of the deplorable conditions to which workers—the majority of whom are our members—are exposed, including the fact that many of them report to work on Mondays and are compelled by the economic hardships of the day to sleep in their offices until Friday before going back home

We’re also using this platform to tell all of our supporters and members to prepare their homes by gathering the things they’ll need for a protracted mass action until victory is assured. No retreat, no capitulation

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