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NBS: In September 2023, Inflation Will Reach 26.72%

According to data released on Monday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the inflation rate climbed from 25.80% in August 2023 to 26.72% in September 2023

According to the NBS, “In September 2023, the headline inflation rate increased to 26.72% compared to the headline inflation rate of 25.80% in August 2023”

The bureau reported that as compared to August 2023, the increase was 0.92% points

This information was provided in its paper, “CPI and Inflation Report September 2023”

According to NBS, based on the movement, the headline inflation rate for September 2023 increased by 0.92% points when compared to the headline inflation rate for August 2023

It stated that the headline inflation rate was 5.94% points higher on an annual basis than the figure registered in September 2022, which was 20.77%

According to the paper, this demonstrates that, when compared to the same month the year before (i.e., September 2022), the headline inflation rate increased in September 2023

The headline inflation rate in September 2023 was 2.10%, which was 1.08% lower than the rate registered in August 2023 (3.18%), according to NBS

In accordance with the text, this indicates that in September 2023, the average price level increased at a slower rate than it did in August 2023

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