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Meet The ‘Ships’ From The BBNaija All Stars Show

Within the walls of the BBNaija All Stars house, love and drama entwined, weaving a tapestry of feelings and bonds that kept viewers guessing

Following are a few relationships from the recently finished BBNaija Allstars show:

1. Angel (Somgel) and Soma

In the All Stars house, the relationship between Angel and Soma went through several stages

Somgel went through both peaceful and stressful situations, and as the season went on, we got to see a side of these two that had us going, “Awwwn”

With a few bumps along the way, the couple managed to stay together the entire season and has maintained their love outside of the home

2. Venita (Adenita) and Adekunle

Phoenix and Adekunle Age is just a number when it comes to love, as Venita demonstrated

Phoenix and Adekunle Age is just a number when it comes to love, as Venita demonstrated.

This dynamic couple’s relationship served as an example of how to work as a team because they were constantly seen assessing their housemates, spending time together, and sharing romantic moments.

As lovely as this ship was, they also had their fair share of problems because they didn’t adequately express their complaints to one another.

3. Love triangle between Cross, Kim, Oprah, and Pere

As soon as Kim Oprah entered the All Stars home as Biggie’s house guest, it was clear that they were close

Even though Cross stated that they were close friends, we were aware of their close bond inside the home

We observed an entanglement between two close friends as a result of the ‘friendship’ web that Cross and Kim Oprah woven

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Kim Oprah responded that she would concentrate on Cross when Ebuka asked her to choose between Pere and Cross

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3. Mercy Eke and Pere

Mercy and Pere were spotted aggressively flirting with one another as the episode came to a close

Mercy was engaged with both Whitemoney and Pere at first, which made things complicated on the ship, but things soon became clear as Whitemoney was kicked off, and Mercy Eke naturally gravitated toward Pere

5. TolaniBaj and Neo Energy

During their tenure on the All Stars show, Neoenergy and TolaniBaj were also involved in ship drama

Although it was clear that Neo and Tolanibaj were friends, she took care to keep other female housemates away from her “comfort” person

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