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Man Detained in 20 Restaurants For Pretending to Have a Heart Attack in Order to Avoid Paying Bills

Finally charged and imprisoned is a fifty-year-old man who pretended to have a heart attack in order to con restaurants and avoid paying his bill

According to 234JAMZ MEDIA, the Spanish publication El Pais and EFE claim that the Lithuanian guy, only known as Aidas J., has made at least 20 attempts to con restaurants in Alicante, Spain, during the past year

Aidas would order several things from the menu while assuming the role of a Russian visitor

The con artist would start his meals with a Russian salad, multiple glasses of whiskey, and a sizable main course of entrecote or shellfish while wearing fashionable clothing

In his most recent outing, he paid 34.85 euros ($50.51 CAD) for a seafood paella and two whiskeys at a nearby restaurant in September

He attempted to leave without paying, but El Buen Comer manager Moisés Doménech told EFE that the staff stopped him and asked that he pay the amount

Aidas pretended to become agitated and then said he was going to collect some cash from his adjacent hotel room. However, when the staff wouldn’t allow him go without paying the bill, he violently grasped his chest and collapsed to the ground, appearing to be having a heart attack, according to the news source

The workers noticed his actions and called the local authorities, who promptly identified the scammer, rather than dialing 911

“It was quite dramatic; he feigned fainting and collapsed onto the ground,” the manager of El Buen Comer, one of the restaurants the con artist deceived, told the U.S. Sun

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Before the most recent occurrence, authorities disseminated images of Aidas to alert other restaurant employees about his performances

Another restaurant employee stated, “We’ve all received a warning with his photo telling us to be careful and to not serve him anything”

Although the conman only committed small-time offenses—each bill ranging from 13 to 60 euros—he was imprisoned for 42 days after his most recent arrest, which came after a two-month scam spree

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