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Lere Olayinka, a former media advisor to former governor Fayose, criticizes the mother of late musician Mohbad

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has been assigned to Lere Olayinka, a former media aide to former Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose

Lere claimed in an Instagram post that Mohbad’s mother allegedly abandoned the late singer and his sister for fifteen years before reaping financial benefits from the same child

He composed;

“MOHBAD and his sister were left in the care of a guy by their mother, who didn’t return for 15 years

Due to the child she left behind for 15 years, the same mother is now residing in an apartment in a prominent estate in Lekki, Lagos

The daughter she left behind with MOHBAD has to study tailoring and hasn’t opened a shop on her own yet. In her father’s home, she is working on her tailoring

The same woman is also receiving condolences for a child who died in part as a result of the mother’s 15-year abandonment, who was supposed to help develop him a better person

God is


Additional news

Cute Abiola plans to make up with Singer’s parents after 15 years: “Mohbad’s mum said a lot”

Hope for a reconciliation between Mohbad’s separated parents, who have been estranged for an incredible 15 years, has been sparked by the unexpected death of the Nigerian artist

This scenario was disclosed in a recent admission by Cute Abiola, who described his clandestine initiatives to facilitate the reunion of the late singer’s parents

As proof, the content producer and sketch artist shared a video of himself speaking with Mohbad’s mother, who recently used social media to express her sorrow over her son’s passing

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Abiola Cute wrote;

“Mohbad dad and mum need to come together and be one on this topic if we really want justice. I met the mother, who spoke a lot about how she hadn’t seen the father in probably 15 years

“I haven’t posted anything about this since because I’m so worn out!!!! been contacting the family. both the mother and father

The viral video of Mohbad’s father disparaging the late singer offended the comic, who expressed his disgust with it

He firmly placed the blame on the interviewers, saying that Mohbad’s father displayed signs of vulnerability and fear on those occasions

He stated:

“Now is not the time to discuss IMOLE’s characteristics. Who are those irrational individuals questioning the Dad sef? Please end it now! It’s Nament. That man is so helpless and terrified that he is spilling things to the public that he shouldn’t be. At this point, justice for MOHBAD is more crucial than anything

The parents of Mohbad would soon meet at a hidden location, where they would join forces to seek justice together, Cute Abiola also revealed

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