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Laura Ikeji discusses Mohbad’s death, stating that “it’s the bullies fighting for the bullied that is throwing me off”

The untimely passing of Nigerian musician Mohbad has caused a great deal of concern and sorrow among both celebrities and followers

Many people have appeared to offer their perspectives on the investigation of his premature demise. Some are also accusing others of providing “eye service”

A fascinating argument was made by social media personality Laura Ikeji addressing the irony of bullies standing up for the bullied

The outspoken Laura Ikeji shared her opinions on the ongoing discussion around Mohbad’s passing

She stressed how absurd it was for celebrities to get together to denounce the claimed harassment Mohbad had endured when some of them had been complicit in online bullying themselves

Iyabo Ojo, an actress, has won the admiration and esteem of online users throughout all of this. Iyabo Ojo has diligently kept track of the investigations regarding Mohnad’s passing

By paying a visit to Mohbad’s Lekki home, where the late singer’s grieving mother dwelt, she had made a big and risky move. Iyabo Ojo made a nice gesture by signing the condolence book and giving the deceased’s mother her condolences.

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