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Lagos-based Ola purchases a brand-new Range Rover

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, popular Nigerian automotive influencer Ola of Lagos posted on his social media platforms to announce the acquisition of a new Range Rover

On his Instagram page, Ola posted images and videos of the new vehicle

“Congratulations to myself, God is always on time,” someone said

“Thanks be to God.” It’s sufficient! If you can imagine anything, you can make it happen.had velar dreams for so long, but now I saw God. Delay is not a form of denial; keep pushing and you will succeed

“Thank you to each and every Ola Of Lagos fan; you guys are the finest. A special thank you to my father, @mufasatundeednut, for his unending support, connections, and inspiration. I am still modest. Thank you so much, Dad, for all you’ve done to help me succeed

“Could have just typed one or two sentences here, but I remember where I’m from, therefore thanks must be given. once more, many thanks, father. He added the image’s caption

The article soon gained traction, and within an hour, Ola’s supporters swamped the comment section with heartfelt congratulations

See a few responses below:

Congratulations Ola! There will be more machines in the future, says Jeff Worldwide. Even with all of your shouting, you continue to cop am Thecuteabiola: “One of the priciest vehicles you were driving at the time was the video. You now possess one of them. The expansion and the grace of God are wonderful. Congratulations”

“Congratulations, Ola,” said kingivr. More elbow grease is being applied as a result of your tale. I told you that you needed the diplomatic plate, and Ola of Lagos understood why

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The proverb “Ola of Lagos said” if you can imagine it, you can achieve it” is quoted as follows: “Well all I can say is Insha Allah amen #congratulations Ola of Lagos more and more and more Insha Allah amen”

“Success is a journey; don’t rush it. Just keep going, and believe in God,” advises digital6ix. Great job, Ola

“Congratulations,” said Thehawal. God accomplished it for you, and I take advantage of your joyful celebration to warn God not to forget about me as well. By God’s grace, your blessing will be magnified for all eternity

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