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Korede Bello has at last shared his reasons for quitting smoking

Korede Bello

The Nigerian musician Korede Bello has spoken up about his past smoking habits, claiming that his upbringing was a major factor in his decision to begin smoking at a young age.

The “God Win” singer shared his experience during a recent episode of the actress Lolo1’s podcast “Say My Piece.”

Bello talked on how growing up watching his father smoke exposed him to smoking at a young age.

But he soon realized that it wasn’t “his thing,” and he was able to break the habit.

He said …

“I tried weed before but it’s not my thing. Very early on in my life, I mean not in my life like when I was a child, but it was just something that people did around me also and this is something about myself I have a very addictive personality so whatever I find pleasurable it can turn into an addiction.”

Korede Bello revealed that his father, who was a smoker himself, would often send him to buy cigarettes, but paradoxically, he also warned him against smoking.

“My dad used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and as a child, he used to send me to get him cigarettes. I noticed something then, he used to cough a lot so I’d ask him ‘Daddy why are you coughing?’ and he’d tell me ‘It’s because of the cigarette. So if you don’t wanna cough like me, don’t smoke’,” he added.

The singer attributes the development of his viewpoint on smoking to both his own experiences and his father’s astute advice. His conviction that smoking is dangerous and detrimental solidified with time, eventually inspiring him to give up the habit.

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