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JUST-IN: Tinubu Tells Ministers and Others to Leave My Government If You Can’t Perform

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has stated that underperforming government employees and appointees are free to resign, but he also declared that he will stop at nothing to fulfill the aspirations of the Nigerian people who elected him

He made this statement on Wednesday at the start of a three-day retreat at the Presidential Villa in Abuja for ministers, presidential aides, permanent secretaries, and other high-ranking government officials with the theme “Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda”

“If you’re performing, nothing to fear,” remarked President Tinubu, who also promised that a memorandum of agreement will be signed between the participants and himself at the conclusion of the retreat. We examine if you’re not performing, and you’re free to depart

The president encouraged them to ask questions about the best ways and times to do their duties, while assuring them that he would give them free reign to do so

As a result, he tasked his ministers and other government representatives with ensuring his success

He reiterated that he would make mistakes because he was a human, but he also promised to fix them right away if they were pointed out to him. “You’re here to support my success,”

Declaring that he is the president of all Nigerians, regardless of their affiliation with political parties, President Tinubu remarked that the nation is one large household with its members divided into various rooms

“My purpose is to provide guidance to this family so that we can strengthen our bond by instilling hope in our people,” he declared


Speaking to the attendees, he issued a warning: public servants shouldn’t view ministers as someone who comes and goes, but rather as someone who “will be there”

Additionally, he counseled against viewing the ministers as opportunistic individuals and instead saw them as collaborators who could make a beneficial impact on the development of the country

Informing the participants that despite the pandemonium surrounding them, they must remain concentrated like a driver in a tunnel in order to deliver the products, Tinubu stated that he has recognized the advantages and disadvantages of his predecessors

The president emphasized the value of quality healthcare and education, stating that these are the best tools in the fight against poverty, even as he acknowledged that his administration had spent the previous six months “reviewing ourselves”

The president gave assurances to foreign investors that they would have no trouble bringing in money, making investments, and returning their profits home

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