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JUST-IN: Complete Blackout Due to Electricity Workers’ Strike Over NLC President’s Attack

According to 234JAMZ MEDIA, the National Union of electrical Employees (NUEE), which represents the electrical workers, has requested that all of its members stop providing services by Thursday at midnight

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President, Joe Ajaero, was allegedly arrested and physically assaulted by police on Wednesday at a protest march in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, according to the union

In response to Ajaero’s reported assault and abuse by security personnel in Imo State, the NLC announced that the organized labor leadership will call an urgent meeting to adopt a firm stance on the issue

Benson Upah, the Head of Information and Publicity for the NLC, told THISDAY over the phone on Thursday that a meeting of all labor movement organs will be held to discuss the actions of the Imo State government and the police during the NLC-organized protest in Owerri

The National Association of Power Workers

According to him, any affiliated union is allowed by law to take any action to show their displeasure over the events in Owerri

But the union called the treatment of Ajaero, who also serves as the General Secretary of NUEE, callous and inhumane in a letter headlined “Mobilization for Indefinite Nationwide Strike due to the Abduction of the NLC President, Joe Ajaero”

“In response to the atrocious and inhumane behaviours of our fellow comrade and the President of the NLC by the Imo State governor and the policemen of the Imo State Command today, Wednesday, November 1, 2023, we will embark on total shutdown of the nation if the president is not released and adequate explanation given by the Nigerian government,” read the letter, which was addressed to all branches of the union and signed by its Deputy General Secretary, Dominic Igwwbuike

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In light of this, all national, state, and chapter executives are urged to begin organizing their members to ensure complete adherence to the instruction

“Please take aware that on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at 00.00 hours nationwide, services will be withdrawn

“We cannot be at peace when the rights of workers in Imo State are being violated with complete impunity, and we cannot be at work while the president of the NLC is in prison”

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