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“I’ve deleted all nud3, sexy photos I posted online” – Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada

Reality TV star and event presenter Ifu Ennada shocked everyone by deleting all sultry, suggestive, and revealing videos from her social media pages.
The actress gave her recent spiritual awakening and her commitment to Christianity as the reasons for her decision.
Ifu Ennada said during her recently published YouTube series that she was conscious of the potential impact her online presence could have on people, especially those who are easily influenced.

She claimed that anything that might mislead people had to go because of her just discovered religion.

The 31-year-old celebrity, who is well-known for her honest and frequently contentious posts, stated that her profound sense of her Christian duty to have a positive influence on people drove her decision to remove provocative films and photos of naked individuals.

Ifu Ennada claims that her main objective at this point is not to do anything that goes against her recently discovered beliefs, but rather to use her platform to spread moral and religious ideals.

Ifu Ennada advised fellow Christians not to use social media platforms to glorify their extramarital adventures.

She made it clear that anyone who boasts about their sexual skills online runs the possibility of experiencing spiritual consequences, such as being damned to hell.

Ifu Ennada appears to have removed any anything deemed inappropriate from her official Instagram and Twitter accounts, according to a cursory review of both platforms.

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