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It is stated that the vehicle used to transport Mohbad’s body for an autopsy encountered technical issues. video vogue

According to reports, a vehicle carrying the late Nigerian musician Mohbad’s remains to the lab for autopsy experienced a technical issue

The incident has delayed the inquiry, which has increased the already high level of interest and skepticism surrounding the terrible death of the artist

When a spectator who happened to be nearby decided to film a video of the breakdown, the shocking episode was made public

The unnamed witness pointed to the car transporting Mohbad’s body, identifying it as a Sienna, and expressed shock and concern

The driver in charge of transporting the artist’s remains was also identified by the witness

The video quickly went viral and circulated over other social networking sites and news websites

Intense discussion among fans, artists, and the general public has resulted from it since it has shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s last journey

A lot of voices have been raised in favor of a complete and truthful investigation into Mohbad’s remains

Online Reactions”Mohbad don’t wanna go, God please bring him back,” stated @#biba#respect#Islam

God, please perform your miracle and bring Mohbad back for us, pleaded @OSAS EMPIRE

God, you are the one who raised Lazarus, said @aramide. We need Mohbad back, please

As @Ojuolape shadiat put it, “The government should show us his full body before the autopsy begins”As a response, @sully_gold prayed, “Father lord, please bring imole back to life”

“I know God, you are a miracle-working God,” wrote @uridonato99. Demonstrate your worth to the entire human race so that they will believe in you

According to @duduemmanuel242, “My bro God can do it if we put our hands together nd pray pls let’s pray for him pls

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“chibaby42 tweeted: “God, please bring him back again on

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