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‘I will not be patient with anyone who continues to monitor me’ – Nkechi Blessing gives warning to‘pokenosers’

Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing, a well-known actress, has addressed breakup rumors and warned “pokenosers” not to unlawfully film her because doing so could result in them losing their phones.

The movie Divas emphasized how people would say one thing and then later retract it.

According to her, her fans had advised her to cease showcasing her partner on social media, and when she did so, they began to believe that they had broken up.

She declared that anybody who trespass into her personal affairs should be warned that she is currently neither in a relationship nor out of one.

She went on to add that they should make sure they leave this year and that she would not be patient with anyone who kept an eye on her business.

Nkechi vowed to burn the phone of anyone found unauthorizedly filming her.

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