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I started acting before Nollywood was established. Peter Edochie

Veteran actor Pete Edochie says that he started performing before the Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood

The renowned actor said that he made his film debut in 1985 during a recent interview with Afia TV

Pete Edochie talked about his first movie role, which he played in the Things Fall Apart adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s book

The idea of Nollywood as we know it today did not exist at the time, he continued

His words are;

“I’m a senior in the film business. There was no Nollywood back when I filmed “Things Fall Apart” in 1985, after all. Nollywood was already soundly dozing in the womb of time at that point

It was seven years later when Nollywood joined forces with ‘Living In Bondage.’ Prior to the advent of Nollywood, I traveled the globe. After performing “Things Fall Apart,” I received praise from all across the world, thanks to God’s wonderful grace

“The BCC flew into this country of Nigeria to conduct an interview with me and into America to conduct an interview with Chinua Achebe. Pete Edochie offered the part an interpretation that was close to Achebe’s heart, he added. He was calling me Okonkwo just before he passed away”

I joined Nollywood seven years after Nollywood debuted and after I retired from broadcasting”

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