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“I Love Trouble” – Phyna Finally Speaks Out Regarding Chichi’s N100m Lawsuit [Video]

The ‘Level Up’ winner of Big Brother Naija, Phyna, has now spoken out about the dispute she had with Chichi at the reunion and the N100 million lawsuit

After a furious disagreement that resulted in the death of one of her children during the BBNaija Reunion, Phyna accused Chichi of leaving her husband and children in Benin City

She went on to say that Chichi used the passing of her parents as a competitive advantage. Additionally, Phyna had referred to Chichi as a stripper and age-shamed her by saying she was 33. Chichi allegedly poisoned her friend in Cyprus out of jealousy, according to Phyna

Phyna said that the remarks Chichi used against her—comments that the show’s producers decided not to air—were the reason behind her wrath when she talked about it recently in an interview with Chude Jideonwo

She claimed that Chi-Chi called her an abortionist and body-shamed her, which enraged her

The ridiculousness of Chichi body-shaming her when she had a natural figure as opposed to her, who had undergone surgery to obtain a curvier appearance, was brought out by Phyna

Phyna commented on the situation and claimed that she wasn’t concerned about being sued because she was prepared to defend her in court

“That section was mute, but based on the way I attacked her, they ought to have known she said something. I had to use the word for her that she would remember in her heart and mind because you body shamed me the day before, calling me shapeless and having droopy boobs. I had to remind her of the things because you can’t be body-shaming me for having a natural physique

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You referred to me as an abortionist, and I reminded you that you had two abandoned children

She files a N100 million libel and character defamation lawsuit against me in court two days later. I called my attorney to ask what would happen if we didn’t respond to the lawsuit. My attorney threatened to file charges against me in court if we didn’t respond within 7 days. To be ready for court, I went shopping the following day

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