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He’s Lying, It Wasn’t An Allergy – Cute Gemini Responds to Lil Frosh

Cute Gemini

Cute Gemini, the estranged girlfriend of troubled Nigerian artist Lil Frosh, gives her side of the tale, claiming that her swollen face was caused by assault rather than an allergy.
The former DMW record label signee had earlier taken to the internet to deny any truth to the rumors circulating about his alleged mistreatment of Cute Gemini, his ex-girlfriend.

Lil Frosh said that his former girlfriend had attempted to set him up with the plan and that an allergy was the cause of her swollen face.

Cute Gemini responded by going online and disputing Lil Frosh’s assertions.

The Tiktoker claimed that Lil Frosh had been the one to contact, text, and bother her in an attempt to mend their relationship.

She revealed that her bloated face was caused by internal bleeding from the severe assault she endured from Lil Frosh, and that he had threatened her friends to show off his aggressive behavior.

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