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“Have S3x Before Marriage, Don’t Be Like Me” – Maureen Esisi

Blossom Chukwujekwu, a well-known Nollywood actress, once married Maureen Esisi, who has advised women to have personal relationships with their partners prior to marriage.
The delicious actress said on her Snapchat channel that people should learn how to have sex before getting married and that it’s not appropriate to say that she got married without having any kind of close relationship with her spouse.

After being married to Blossom for four years, Maureen Esisi was answering a fan’s inquiry regarding her opinion of having sex before getting married.

Another follower suggested that Maureen had been lying about Blossom’s prowess in bed after asking her if she was attempting to indicate that her ex-husband wasn’t good in bed.

The social media influencer chastised the fan back, saying that people are constantly assuming the worst about her personal life.

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