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FLASH: Two Died in Lagos Cult Group Fighting

As two cult groups fought for supremacy on Tuesday in the Ojota region of the state, the Lagos Police Command has confirmed the deaths of two people

Journalists were informed by unverified sources, however, that the altercation claimed the lives of three alleged cultists

Six people have been detained in connection with the event, according to state police spokesman SP Benjamin Hundeyin, who also confirmed that two people had died

But he claimed that since police had sent out extra agents, the calm had returned

According to a witness, one person died at each of the two nearby road crossings, and a third person died inside a grocery store

It was learned that the fighting started on Sunday and continued through Monday and Tuesday, during which time the victims were shot and died

For fear of the fights getting worse, the majority of the area’s store owners—especially those who sell industrial chemicals—have not opened for business since Monday

Just as parents scrambled to get their schoolchildren home, other local traders were spotted talking in groups about the skirmishes

On Tuesday, police patrol vans were observed scouring the neighborhood

A businessman named Chinedu Agwu bemoaned the reappearance of cult crises in Ojota and urged the police to search cultist communities scattered across several local streets

Aminat Adewale, a food vendor, claimed that customers were unable to purchase her cooked food because of the conflict on Tuesday in particular


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