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FLASH: Students in Ogun’s primary school set the building on fire

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested two elementary school students for allegedly lighting their school in the Ifo Local Government Area’s Isheri-Olofin neighborhood on fire

The event was verified by Omolola Odutola, the spokesperson for the Ogun State command, in a statement that was made public on Sunday

Odutola claims that after the minors entered the school without permission, they set fire to several books that the teachers had left behind, causing damage to the building

The Anti-Crime and Detectives Unit detained the two students, who are residents of the Isheri Olofin village and are six and nine years old, following a community chief’s complaint of the event

“On October 29, 2023, two students from Community Primary School in Isheri Olofin, who are residents of the Isheri Olofin community and are six and nine years old, respectively, were arrested for setting fire to their school and its property

“A community chief reported the incident to the police.” The report claims that the youngsters were able to enter one of the Community Primary School Isheri Olofin’s unlocked classrooms. They then went ahead and collected all of the textbooks that the students and professors had left behind and burned them. It is currently uncertain how much the damaged books are worth

According to a police spokesperson, “the Anti-Crime and Detectives Unit visited the scene upon receiving the report and brought the alleged children to the police station for interrogation”

Odutola also revealed that the minor’s parents would be contacted to inquire about the circumstances surrounding their children’s behavior

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Since it’s a pretty serious offense for young kids to get involved in, the police have begun asking how to get in touch with their parents

“If there are other people who may have incited the children, the police will find them and notify the public in due course,” stated Odutola

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