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FLASH: Gunmen Assasinate the Cousin of a Labour Party Governorship Candidate

The death of a deputy registrar of the Federal Polytechnic, Uwana, Ebonyi State, Innocent Obi, has left the Ezeala/Ezike autonomous community in Umuezeala, Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State in a state of acute stress

The late Obi was a direct cousin of Senator Athan Achonu, the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for Imo State’s governorship on November 11

Gunmen purporting to be Biafra agitators are said to have slain Obi

The dead, who the villagers called “Onye Army,” was rumored to have left the military after retiring before enrolling in the polytechnic

According to the community, Obi was killed after being kidnapped while visiting Umuoboama village to attend a relative’s funeral

Additionally, it was learned that shortly after Obi arrived home to his family’s village home following the burial the previous weekend, a group of thugs totaling more than six broke into his home at around ten o’clock at night

It was said that the attackers were dressed in police and military garb

“They broke through the main door and started using machetes and axes on him,” stated one of the sources

When the lads, who were on three motorcycles, heard his plea for assistance, they began firing continuously into the air

All the people who had come out to save him had to return because of the shooting. And that Friday night, they kidnapped Dee Onye Army, leaving the house heavily stained with blood

According to a different account, the locals organized a search team to go looking for him when they woke up the next Saturday

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We learned that there was a decaying body between Ahiazu Mbaise and Ehime Mbano late on Sunday afternoon

“Our team encountered our brother Dee Onye Army’s lifeless body when they went to the spot on Sunday

They brutally and beyond recognition butchered him

“Dee Onye Army was a man who saw to it that every young person who wished to attend school was admitted. There were so many young people admitted to his school. He never lived a life of luxury; he was always modest

According to one of the sources, “He started building his house in the village at this point, and that building is just around the decking stage”

The town and its neighbors are reported to have been terrified after the incident because there have been previous murders and other connected crimes in the vicinity, most notably the death of roughly five security personnel

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