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FG Announces Indefinite Suspension of N-Power Program, Gives Justification

The N-Power program has been suspended indefinitely, according to the Federal Government of Nigeria

The declaration was made by Betta Edu, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, on a TVC news show on Saturday

She said that the scheme’s anomalies were what led to the decision, saying that the government had started an investigation into how the money was used ever since the program started

The Minister noted that even though some of the beneficiaries are missing from their places of assignment, they nevertheless anticipate receiving monthly stipends

She claims that some of the beneficiaries who were supposed to have left the program in 2022 are still making payments

She stated:

Since we need to go back and look at N-Power again in order to identify the issues, we will essentially stop the program for the time being until we have completed a thorough investigation into how the funds were used in the N-Power initiative

We need to know how many people are actually enrolled in the program at this time, how many people are owing money, and how much money they owe. We are completely expanding and overhauling the N-Power

Many things are happening. We encountered individuals who were supposed to have graduated from the program since last year but who continue to maintain that they are still lecturers

When we call the school or the places where they work, they are occasionally not there. Even though they are not employed, they continue to insist that they are due an eight or nine month stipend

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About 80% of them are claiming salary while not having jobs

To address the problem of youth unemployment and promote social development, the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari introduced the N-Power Program

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