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Exclusive: Five Pals You Shouldn’t Tell About Your Relationship

How someone makes an impression on your friends is one way to tell if you’re in a relationship with the correct person

At first, you may wonder if your friends will approve of a man you start a love relationship with. After three or five weeks of dating, you introduce him to your friends

Regretfully, this seemingly innocent encounter may occasionally be the beginning of the end for your once-exciting partnership

It’s important, ladies, to choose carefully which buddies you introduce to your lover. Here are five buddy types you should avoid introducing to your boyfriend in order to assist you see potential dangers. Not all friends are good additions to your relationship

1. The Orator

Whether you’re sharing random facts or hiding secrets, friendships require trust and communication. Picture yourself introducing your lover to a buddy who finds it difficult to keep her mouth shut. She can unintentionally reveal your secrets or say something inappropriate when it’s not suitable. Be ready for your partner to later reveal that your buddy revealed some of your past secrets, like the sugar daddy you had in college, if you introduce her to him

2. The Evildoers

The rise of “Baddies” is a recent social media phenomenon. These women seem to be confident enough to express themselves without regard to what other people think. Some traits of a “Baddie” are going after any guy they want, not caring to be a considerate girlfriend, and not caring to avoid being called a gold digger. It’s a good idea to put an invisible border between you and your boyfriend and any female friends who exhibit these characteristics. This is because you can feel deceived sooner rather than later if your guy is the type she describes

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3. “Matrimony Materials”

Everybody has friends who seem to have attended a covert “Perfect Wife” course and effortlessly manage household chores like cooking and cleaning. Despite your boyfriend’s concerns, it’s advisable not to introduce him to a friend who enjoys housework if you’re not the type to enjoy doing all these duties

4. The Unduly Amiable Individuals

To be honest, there are friends who are so extroverted and kind that we would prefer not to introduce them to anyone, much less a friend or partner who reciprocates. Although these pals don’t intend to hurt your feelings for your guy, they may unintentionally make you feel unimportant. For example, even though your extroverted female friend doesn’t plan to steal from your guy, you can feel envious of her friendship with him if you introduce them

5. Negativists

Consider asking yourself, “What kind of energy does she bring?” before presenting your guy to a friend. Is it a good or bad thing? If it’s not positive, don’t bother setting up a meeting between them because she could put pressure on you to leave your boyfriend or cause discomfort for him

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