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Exclusive: Erisco Food Explains Why Tomato Paste Reviewer Chioma Egodi Was Arrested

A spokeswoman for Erisco Food, the company that makes Nagiko Tomato Paste, the tomato puree brand that is now generating a sensation on social media, has explained why Chioma Egoji, a Facebook user who had posted a “negative” review of the paste, was detained

Egodi wrote about a product on her Facebook page on September 17 and stated, “I went to get tin tomatoes yesterday that I would use in stew. Gino and Sonia weren’t visible to me

“So I made the decision to acquire this one. I chose to try it once I opened it. Omo! Just too much sugar. This is an Ike gwuru scenario, so let me know if you’ve ever used this tin tomato

Since it was posted, the aforementioned article has received over 3,900 comments

The Erisco Food administration was criticized by internet users shortly after news of Egodi’s arrest spread on social media, and they urged others to boycott the company

In response to comments made on social media, Erisco Food issued a statement calling the claims “untrue”

Additionally, according to the statement, Egodi’s post was “clearly intended to mislead our esteemed customers and discredit the image of Erisco Foods Limited, as previously instigated by some elements and syndicates who are uncomfortable with our growing market dominance as a leading indigenous manufacturer of tomato paste

But because Erisco Foods Limited has established itself as a respectable company dedicated to the rule of law and the greater benefit of humanity, we have chosen to draw the stated publication to the attention of the appropriate authorities

In light of the foregoing, we would like to reiterate that Erisco Foods Limited is solely dedicated to producing nutritious tomato products, including other products that have the full regulatory stamp and approval of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control and Standard Organization of Nigeria

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“While we respect the right of our customers to express their sincere opinions regarding our products, we would like to express our appreciation for their continued support of Erisco Foods Limited

The National Productivity Order of Merit Award is just one of the several local and worldwide honors we have received for our healthy and high-quality products. Nevertheless, we will take all necessary precautions to protect our reputation from any unwanted attacks

Nnamdi Nwokolo, a spokesperson for Erisco Food, stated in an exclusive interview with PUNCH Online that the business submitted a petition to the police asking them to look into the allegations

The charges were serious, therefore we requested that the police look into the situation, he stated. Is it a crime that we seek the law if the police arrest Chioma Egodi after discovering criminal defamation against her?

The complaint was for “complaint of criminal conspiracy, the marketing and blackmail of killing people with our product against an organized syndicate faking our products after failing to extort money from us and cyberbullying,” according to a copy of the petition that our correspondent was able to obtain. The petition was dated September 19, 2023 and was addressed to the Inspector-General of Police

“We write to seek your urgent intervention in stopping an organized criminal syndicate that has been impersonating our products and posting false and unsupported information that cannot be proven against our products both online and offline, with a view to shutting down our operations so as to benefit their cohorts, including greedy manufacturers and importers of substandard goods into the country,” the petition stated

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Nwokolo described how the problem began by saying, “She posted a review on social media. Additional participation in the review process revealed that it wasn’t an honest review. It demonstrated that there had been an effort to destroy the product

“When someone questioned her motives for writing the review in the comment section, she said that the person should go speak with her brother (Erisco Food) to stop murdering people

“She made a ton of claims, and we couldn’t persuade her to divulge additional information about the

product.The production date was among the facts that were demanded by a large number of individuals in her comment area, but she refused to give them

When questioned if the business had ever gotten in touch with Egodi, Nwokolo responded, “Personally, no

Nwokolo stated, “We published a statement and tagged her in it stating these claims are grave and we would take further measures to get to the bottom of things

On Monday, when asked about the case on X, formerly known as Twitter, police spokeswoman Muyiwa Adejobi responded that he was not aware of it”

If they assert that someone was detained by the police, they ought to be able to specify the nation in which she was detained, and if she was brought to the Force Headquarters, we need to know who took the appropriate action

“At the moment, we don’t know if she was taken into custody by the police or someone else

“Adejobi added, “Maybe she was violent or something else happened,” to another tweet. We must research this. We will cross-check with our CRU and PCB. Thanks

“Since then, the case of Egodi has started to elicit responses from many, who have used various social media platforms to express their opinion

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“So, we’re boycotting Erisco Foods Ltd and all their products, right?” tweeted #Nurlalah

“Because I don’t comprehend how a client who purchased your goods, expressed dissatisfaction with it, and left a somewhat negative review (I’ve seen lot worse) can be detained and sent to Abuja. what specifically?

“Make dem just go shelf those products cos the bad PR it’s been getting especially now eh,” wrote #sire_sommy

I received two cartons of this Erisco stuff a few months ago, #biutee_ Nanyang tweeted. Most of it was distributed, and seven tins were left in my kitchen. Last week, I tried it for the first time, and my stew came out really sweet. Stop arresting customers for giving honest product reviews and allow them to fix their items

Additionally, #maestro tweeted, “This is really awful. This situation seems to be one that can be resolved quickly. The following day, however, Chioma, a “consumer,” was transferred to Abuja for a candid product assessment. She is reportedly a nursing mother

While some online users expressed sympathy for Egodi’s situation, others mocked her

“This woman must have been hired to destroy Erisco’s business; if not, why didn’t she first direct her complaints to the company?” tweeted user #blosskm4good. Instead, she used social media to promote other businesses while defaming Erisco with her unverified personal product findings

Unpopular opinion, but that lady is supposed to be arrested, wrote #Chidimmachisom. Why would you ruin someone else’s business? I don’t object to her review, but why would she elevate others while disparaging Erisco in the process? Beg, let’s be real about ourselves

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